SteamGifts Tools: Steamgifts mechanics made easy

Easily check your detailed contributor value and if your giveaway winners are following the rules!

Want to understand how the levels are calculated and how each game you gave away contributes to the rising of your level?
Want to see if a winner of your giveaway is following the rules?

The toolset includes:

  • Get detailed log of every game's real contribution value and overall level
  • Simulate the real contribution value of you won giveaways
  • Check users for not-activated wins
  • Check users for multiple wins for the same game
  • Get a list of problematic games that doesn't appear on Steam Api
  • Get at least the last week of new additions to the bundled list
  • Protect your giveaways with advanced rules and checks
  • Find the best game deals with bundle status information

Start using the toolset from the top navigation menu!