Real contribution value

Real Contributor Value tool description

This set of two tools shows how the level of a specified SteamGifts User is calculated in SteamGifts v2

You'll see a game by game detailed log of the real Contributor Value that each game is granting and how they add up to the final real contributor value. The tool will also revel the level on which the user is and the percentage towards the next level along with the current and next levels minimum contributor value.

The tool let's you check this for the user's Sent Gifts and for the user Won Gifts.


The tool's form ask you for the following data

  • SteamGifts Username: Username of whom you wish to check the Contributor Value detailed log. When you access a SteamGifts profile, you'll find the username in the URL as the last parameter.
    The profile URL looks like this
  • Give Sent/Won: If you want to check the detailed log for Sent gifts of for Won gifts